Handheld See Through Wall Radar Ultra Portable 240 * 137 * 140mm Size


Handheld see through wall YSR120


General description:

YSR120 Through wall radar is an ultra-portable, handheld and durable presence of life detector. It is compact size and lightweight and can provides personnel critical information in real-time about the presence of life and its distance behind a wall.

YSR120 is professionally designed for special safety protection or emergency industry. It is widely used in tactic assult ,safety protection, Hostage Recovery, search &rescue and son on.



  • Gives Fast, Tactical Information regarding movement, distance, speed and direction

  • 12 m detection range

  • Ultra portable and compact

  • Reliable detection of life behind most common wall materials

  • Simple user interface for clear and immediate interpretation


Detection range

12 m

Field of view

Both 120 °in azimuth &elevation

Start up time


Penetrable wall materials

Cement, plaster, brick, concrete, reinforced concrete, adobe, stucco, drywall and many other standard building materials

Frequency range

600 MHZ-1800 MHZ

Wireless capability

Optional build-in wireless module for remote monitoring and control

Working Tempreture


Battery operation time

>4 h





Delivery kit

1*YSR120 See Through Wall Radar

2*Lithium charge batteries

1*power charger

1*Manual book

l* Hard-suit case


If this product is at your interest,please feel free to contact TOPSKY for further information.


Through Wall Radar

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