Reliable Battery Power Low Noise Drill Anti Terrorism / Hostage Rescue Quiet Drill


Low Noise Drill/ police equipment fast drilling low noise drill with LED light X8

Brief introduction:

Near silent drill is one low noise drill. It is for anti terrorism, hostage rescue or

surveillance situation. The near silent drill can drill in the wall without drawing the

criminal attention and insert the snake eye probe to watch the situation. The device is

in the carry case. It is easy to set up and operate.



1. Drill fast, big torque

2. Lightweight ,easy operation. Can set up in confined space.

3. Near silent.

4. Can penetrate wall, concrete ,rock, metal, glass, wood and so on.

5. With LED light, can work in dark condition

6 .Low battery display

7. Armed with multi size drills.




Max rotational speed 0-120 RPM
Drill clamp size 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm
Max torque ≥50 Kgs
Volume ≤30 db
Battery Built-in Lion battery
Power 220VAC
Charging time ≤4 hours
Wokring time ≥10 hours
Lighting With LED lighting



Low Noise Drill

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